Current research activities

My research focus is machine learning engineering, focusing on medical data analysis (Medical AI).

Most of my activities are related to the Mohn Medical Imaging and Visualization Centre at the Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, funded by the Trond Mohn Foundation. I am part of the center's leadership team and lead the Medical AI group.

At the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) I am part of Computer Science: Software Engineering, Sensor Networks and Engineering Computing, the Health Informatics research group, the Data Science & AI group, and the multidisciplinary research group Idrett, Helse og Funksjon (Sports, health and function).

I'm also a "Secondary Proposer" for the COST action PARENCHIMA: Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarkers for Chronic Kidney Disease, OC-2016-1-20493).

PhD supervision

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See my Google Scholar profile for an up-to-date list:

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​​"Deep learning" i medisin
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arXiv version


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Recent research projects

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Through the MobiFORSK programme I led a project on machine learning together with NordicNeuroLab, a company providing products and solutions for functional MR imaging.

In 2015 I was co-PI in the project Computational medicine: Numerical models for medical images and signals, funded by UH-Nett Vest, with partners from HVL, UiB, HUS and UiS

PhD thesis