MSc projects

See here for a catalog sketching possible master's thesis projects related to machine learning and medical data analysis. Feel free to contact me if you're interested in more details.

Current MSc projects

Completed MSc projects (main supervisor)

More details about the completed projects can be found in my MSc project catalog.

BSc projects

Current courses

I have established several new courses and course modules with two main goals: (i) teach our students in software engineering about machine learning engineering (DAT158, DAT255, PCS956-DL) and (ii) establish the field of Medical AI in Bergen, targeting students & researchers at the interface of medicine and technology (ELMED219, DLN-AI and others): I'm also involved in HELIKT620: Health Care Informatics, a Continuing Education course at the University of Bergen. Topic: Artificial intelligence for natural language processing and speech recognition.

Past courses

I've created supporting e-learning material for multiple courses MAT106x, BMED360x, ELMED219x, NordBiomed, financed by the Erasmus+ KA2 strategic partnerships MedIm and HVL. To deliver these and other courses I set up the e-learning platform AkademiX, hosted on AWS. The platform is not currently operational.

From 2011 to 2013 I gave the following courses at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, mainly to students in engineering programs:

I have been a substitute lecturer in MAT212 – Functions of several variables at the University of Bergen in 2010, and in Les algèbres de Hopf combinatoires en théorie quantique des champs perturbative, Université de Strasbourg, 2009