My current research activities are mainly related to machine learning for medical data analysis, with a particular focus on medical imaging.

I'm co-PI in the project Computational medical imaging and machine learning – methods, infrastructure and applications in the new Medical Imaging and Visualization Centre at the Department of Radiology, Haukeland University Hospital, funded by the Bergen Research Foundation. The project involves many researchers in Bergen, both clinical and methodological, in addition to national and international collaborators from research institutions in the USA (Mayo Clinic), Switzerland (ETH), Germany (Zuse Institute), France (ISIMA), Luxembourg (LIH) and Poland (TUL).

I'm PI in the machine learning work package in the Digital Life Norway project Towards better computational approaches and responsible innovation strategies in early drug discovery – application to antibiotics and COPD 2019-2022, led by Nathalie Reuter from UiB.

I'm also a member of the project Precision imaging in gynecologic cancer at MMIV, led by prof. dr. med. Ingfrid Haldorsen. The aim of the project is to integrate imaging biomarkers into clinically relevant treatment algorithms for gynecologic cancers.

Through the MobiFORSK programme I'm leading a project on machine learning together with NordicNeuroLab, a company providing products and solutions for functional MR imaging.

I'm a member of Computer Science: Software Engineering, Sensor Networks and Engineering Computing at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, and a member of the multidisciplinary research group Idrett, Helse og Funksjon (Sports, health and function).

I'm a "Secondary Proposer" for the COST action "Magnetic Resonance Imaging Biomarkers for Chronic Kidney Disease" (PARENCHIMA, OC-2016-1-20493).

PhD supervision

I'm currently supervising the PhD candidate Samaneh Abolpour Mofrad, working on machine learning for medical data analysis, and several MSc students doing projects within the same area. See Teaching for more details.


An overview of deep learning in medical imaging focusing on MRI
with A. Lundervold, Zeitschrift fuer Medizinische Physik, Volume 29, Issue 2, 2019
Available online (open access) here. (arXiv version here)
Transfer learning for medical images: a case study
with S. Kaliyugarasan. Poster at GTC Europe 2018, Munich, Germany, Oct. 2018
Fast estimation of kidney volumes and time courses in DCE-MRI using convolutional neural networks
with K. Sprawka, A. Lundervold. Scientific Paper at ECR 2018, Austria Center Vienna, Austria, Feb. 2018
​​Fast semi-supervised segmentation of the kidneys in DCE-MRI using convolutional neural networks and transfer learning
with A. Lundervold, J. Rørvik. Functional Renal Imaging: Where Physiology, Nephrology, Radiology and Physics Meet, Max Delbrück Communications Center, Berlin, Oct. 2017
​​"Deep learning" i medisin
HMT, 2017/4
Python-based software for medical imaging and machine learning — an example from brain imaging in IBS
with K. Le Cornec, O. Verdier, V. Barra, and A. Lundervold, Abstract and poster at MedViz 2016
Predicting irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) from brain MR imaging data using machine learning
with A. Lundervold, E. A. Valestrand, T. Hausken, Poster at 2017 Geilo Winter School in eScience
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arXiv version
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arXiv version

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