Material for the course DAT158 at HVL

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Machine learning engineering

This is the repo of the machine learning part of the course DAT158: Machine learning engineering and advanced algorithms at the Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, containing code and documentation for the programming parts of the course.

The content is available on GitHub Pages here: course website. Go to Canvas for additional course information.

Getting started

Set up your computer

Go to Set up your computer for step by step instructions

Course notebooks

The course is based on Jupyter Notebook, a web-based framework to write and present code-based projects. Have a look at https://youtu.be/HW29067qVWk and https://youtu.be/2eCHD6f_phE for short introductions to Jupyter Notebooks.

Throughout the course you will work with notebooks containing various material and coding exercises. It is recommended to make copies of the course notebooks before editing. You can follow the naming convention my_[name_of_original_notebook].ipynb.

To browse through the course notebooks non-interactively, use jupyter.org’s nbviewer by clicking here.

To browse through the notebooks interactively, without having to install any software, you can use our Binder: